Update: Commuter Rail back to full service on March 30. For schedules, please visit www.mbta.com/winter/severe_weather/     more >




Update: Commuter Rail back to full service on March 30. For schedules, please visit www.mbta.com/winter/severe_weather/     more >

Transit Projects
In context view of the proposed new station looking west from the Main St. (Rte. 27) bridge.View of the north (outbound side) head house from the entry area of the Town of Acton owned parking lot.

South Acton Station

South Acton is the most heavily patronized station on the Fitchburg Line. The existing station is configured with a low level platform alongside a single mainline track. The low level platform is a barrier to Commuter Rail services for commuters who may not be able to negotiate stairs onto the train coach.

The Fitchburg Line Project will add a second mainline track on the southerly side of the existing track. New, full-train length, high-level platforms on either side of the track will be constructed to replace the existing platforms allowing level platform-to-coach boarding. An enclosed overhead walkway served by both stairs and elevators will be constructed over the tracks connecting the two platforms. To supplement the existing drop-off area in the station parking lot, a second passenger drop-off area will be constructed on Maple Street adjacent to the new inbound platform. The main station parking lot will continue to be owned and operated by the Town of Acton, which will also be responsible for the maintenance of the new station elevators. The design of the new station has been closely coordinated with the Town of Acton through the town's South Acton Train Station Advisory Committee and Acton Historic District Commission.

Station amenities will include new canopies, passenger shelters, benches and windscreens, signage, train approach warning system, variable message signs, and platform lighting. The station will be equipped with closed circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance cameras, police emergency call boxes, and public telephones.

The contract for the construction of the new South Acton station was advertised in the spring of 2012 and McCourt Construction was awarded a contract in late Fall 2012.  A notice to proceed was issued and construction to commenced in the spring of 2013.  A non compliance issue with a subcontractor responsible for providing the steel superstructure for the new station caused a delay when the subcontractor was relieved of its contract and a new subcontract for structural steel was issued.  Construction has picked up again this spring with completion of the new South Acton Station now anticipated by the end of 2015.

(revised 7/8/14)