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South Shore Parking Garages Repairs - Braintree and Quincy Adams Red Line Stations


The South Shore Parking Garages project addresses the present needs of the Braintree Station Parking Garage and Quincy Adams Station Parking Garage to extend the operable service life of each facility and improve safety. The project includes structural concrete repairs and repairs of parking deck membranes; replacement of damaged expansion joints; sanitary and storm water drainage system replacement; improved parking space layout increasing the overall number of spaces; upgrades to fire alarm, CCTV, electrical, and emergency power systems and full replacement of the lighting systems. Accessibility upgrades include two new elevators at the Braintree Garage; providing more accessible spaces at each garage level near the elevators; improved way-finding signage; better circulation for accessibility vehicles, wheel chair access and pedestrian movement. Bicycle amenities will be enhanced and improved at both garages as well as providing charging stations for electric vehicles. A small portion of the project will repair and allow the reopening of the two currently closed bathrooms located in the paid lobby of the North Quincy Station main head house.

This project presently has three construction contracts. The first two contracts are early action contracts and focus on immediate emergency repairs. 

  •   Contract One was completed on June 30, 2015 and provided temporary upgrade to the lighting at the Quincy Adams Station Parking Garage.
  •   Contract Two was completed on March 3, 2017. Work under this contract provided repair of deteriorated garage- areas that need immediate attention to keep the garage safe and maintain operations.
  •   Contract Three will be the final contract. This construction contract will repair all remaining deteriorated garage components to bring the garages to a state-of-good-repair and extend the service life of the facilities to a typical 20 - 40 year time horizon. These improvements will open parking spaces that are presently closed for safety, thus improving operations and producing more daily revenue. Design is complete for this final construction phase. The third contract construction project is expected to begin winter of 2018 and end in the summer of 2021.
    Updated August, 2017



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