Transit Projects

Bicycle Parking Enhancements

Updated February 2015


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provided the MBTA with $4.8 million for a variety of programs to enhance and expand MBTA bicycle parking facilities. These improvements include:  

  • Building on the success of the Alewife and Forest Hills bike cages, the ARRA program funded the construction of new "Pedal & Park" bike cages at 13 stations. Each Pedal & Park is fully enclosed and includes lighting, closed circuit cameras, and a secured gate. The parking capacity varies depending on location between 40-140 bikes. The new facilities are located at the following stations:
  • New Pedal & Park facilities opened in 2013 at Braintree, Ashmont, Oak Grove, Malden, South Station, and Davis.
  • Additional facilities opened at Back Bay Station, Dudley, Wollaston, Alewife, and Wonderland in late 2014.
  • Bike cages will open at Beverly and Salem Commuter Rail stations later in 2015.

The program also funded the installation of 50 covered bike shelters or "BikePorts" at Subway and Commuter Rail stations. Each BikePort has a capacity of 12 bikes. Construction of these was completed in 2013


Covered bike shelterBike shelterInside of a BikePortBike shelterRendering of BikePort