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Orient Heights Station

Orient Heights station


The Orient Heights Station Project will make the station fully accessible to all passengers, as well as to make other large scale improvements to modernize the station.

The station was originally constructed in 1952 and has deteriorated over the years. The current construction work includes the installation of a new overhead pedestrian bridge, installation of four elevators and two escalators, new mechanical and power systems, a renovated train operations building, new platforms and improvements to the bus access areas.  This work is necessary to comply with ADA regulations to provide accessibility to all MBTA patrons as well as to comply with current state codes and MBTA standards.

The station has been designed by AECOM USA, Inc to be consistent with MassDOT's "GreenDOT" policy.  The MassDOT Board of Directors authorized the award of the contract to Barletta Heavy Division (BHD) in October 2011.  BHD was issued a Notice to Proceed (NTP) on December 7, 2011.

The station was closed to MBTA patrons on March 23, 2013 with Blue Line train running through the station.  The shutdown allowed for the demolition and subsequent reconstruction of the pedestrian bridge and the station platforms and canopies.  The train operations building was also demolished during this period.

The station was reopened with full accessibility on November 26, 2013. The State Department of Public Safety issued the MBTA a temporary Certificate of Occupancy.  The certificate is temporary because the contractor continues work in non-public areas such as the new train operations building, the traction power substation and the signal tower.  Construction work in these areas and additional signage and landscaping activities will continue through the spring of 2014.   Project completion is currently scheduled for the summer of 2014.




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