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Newmarket Station

The proposed Newmarket Station will be located just north of the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge and directly adjacent to the South Bay Shopping Center. The actual site location is between the bridges at Southhampton Street and Massachusetts Avenue. The Newmarket Back Streets district, a recent city initiative to support urban industrial areas, is home to over 1,000 businesses, 16,000 jobs, and $4 billion in annual revenues. It is the largest industrial area within the City of Boston, and as such, MBTA coordination with local businesses, Boston Traffic Division, and the Boston Redevelopment Authority is a critical element in the success of the project. The Newmarket Station has a unique characteristic of being considered a destination station.

The station will consist of approximately 800-foot long high-level platforms in order to facilitate direct platform-to-coach boarding. The platforms will include detectable warning strips, new canopies, passenger shelters, benches/windscreens, wayfinding signage, graphic panels, a train approach warning system, variable message signs, and high non-glare lighting. The station will also be equipped with closed circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance cameras, police emergency call box systems, and public telephones. There are no available parcels of land in the immediate area so parking and a drop-off/pickup area are not incorporated into the design.

Constructing new concrete ramps and sloped walkways will provide full access to both the inbound and outbound platforms for all passengers.

The construction work commenced in January 2011 and is expected to be completed by Summer, 2013.

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