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Meeting DateMarch 27, 2017
Meeting Time12:00 pm
Subject of MeetingFiscal & Management Control Board Meeting
LocationMassDOT, 10 Park Plaza, Transportation Board Room, Boston, MA
MBTA AttendeesBoard Members
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MBTA Fiscal & Management Control Board 

TransportationBoard Room

10 ParkPlaza, Boston, Massachusetts

March 27,2017 – 12:00 PM





A. Call to order by the Chairperson


B. Public comment period for items appearing on this agenda


C. MeetingMinutes

Approval of March 20,2017 meeting minutes


D. Report from the Acting General Manager

Discussionof financial performance and other related matters



E.Report from the Chief Operating Officer

Discussion of systemperformance and other related matters


F. FMCBPublic Schedule                                                     

Review of upcomingFMCB agenda items.


G. FY18 Budget Options

Discussionof critical hires for operations


H. Service Pilot Policy

Discussionand possible action


I. Bus Service Improvement - Part 1:

Discussionof tools to address bus crowding


J. Bus Service Improvements - Part 2:

Discussion andpossible action on service plan implementation


K. Positive Train Control (PTC) on Commuter Rail

Discussion ofcommunications plan for the suspension of weekend service





K. Approval of February 6, March 6, March 13 and

March 20, 2017 executive session meeting minutes.


L. Discussionof strategy related to collective bargaining.






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