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Study Materials for MBTA Pre-Employment & Promotional Tests

Some positions with the MBTA require a candidate to successfully pass a pre-employment assessment or exam to be considered for hire or promotion. If passing an assessment or exam is required, it will be listed in the Minimum Requirements section of the posting. Some of these assessments and exams require no preparation. However, some have study materials available to help candidates prepare for testing. Study materials that are available are listed below. Please click on the link below to open and print the available documentation.

Please keep in mind the following. Even though study materials are available below, the position may not currently be posted and the MBTA may not be accepting applications for the position. Please check the list of available positions under the Career Opportunities link.

Still, even if the position is not currently available, please feel free to print the study materials and begin your own test preparation for positions that are of interest to you.


Railcar Repairer Study Guide
Bus Machinist (Mechanic) Study Guide 
2015 Municipal and MBTA Transit Police Officer Examination Study Guide