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MBTA System Maps Competition 2013

This past spring, the MBTA launched the New Perspectives MBTA Map Re-design competition. The response was overwhelming, not only because of the dozens of responses received, but the impressive quality of many of the entries. A panel of experts including the MBTA, academics, urban planners, and mapping aficionados evaluated each of the entries against a set of criteria. The six maps below were the highest rated.

Here are the six finalist entries. Click on maps to enlarge.

Survey Map 1 thumbnailBy Michael Kvrivishvili  Survey Map 2 thumbnailBy Kat Lawrence  Survey Map 3 thumbnailBy Joshua Simoneau 
Survey Map 4 thumbnail By Kenneth Miraski Survey Map 5 thumbnail By Jon Feldman Survey Map 6 thumbnail By Zemien Lee


Here is a sampling of the other entries. Click on maps to enlarge.

Busy Grid by Lucia Argentieri Modern Spider Top Bottom by Alexander Behr
and Gideon Hamot
Thin Lines Straight Lines by Evan J. Berkowitz Time Bands
Detailed Geographical/Time by Sam Favazza
and Christiana Panicucci
Green Fields by Joshua Fisk Fan by Joshua Herzstein
Cross Stitching by Emily Marsh Geography Accurate by Emily Marsh Boston Light
Straight Lines New Shading Iconic by Graeme Mills
and Rowan Lavelle
Tentacles by Rajiv Ramaiah T Tree by Kate Reed Central Subway by Ryan Tam
Travel Times Wavy Waves  


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