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FY2015 MBTA Fare Change Adopted

The MassDOT Board of Directors at its May 2014 Board meeting approved changes in MBTA fares to go into effect July 1st, 2014. The fare proposal adopted increases fares for MBTA fixed route services an average of 5%. 

The new fares are outlined in the attachments below.

Also included are impact analysis and public process review materials as well as MBTA policy and outreach documentation.

The fare increase is projected to raise MBTA fare revenue by approximately 4% ($20 to 24m in new fare revenue) and result in less than a 1% reduction in ridership (2.8m to 3.8m trips). The fare increase is consistent with the needs expressed in Governor Patrick’s Way Forward Plan issued in January 2013 and with the Transportation Finance legislation enacted in July 2013.

New Fares - Effective July 1, 2014

The MBTA Board voted to implement fare and service changes to balance the FY2015 budget. The fare and service changes are effective July 1, 2014.

MBTA Fare Changes  PDF    Word   
MBTA Fare Policy Effective July 1, 2012  PDF  Word


Core CharlieCard Fares New Fare Effective July 1, 2014
Adult Local Bus  $1.60
Senior/Tap Local Bus 0.80
Student Local Bus 0.80
Adult Rapid Transit 2.10
Senior/TAP Rapid Transit 1.05
Student Rapid Transit 1.05
Local Bus + Rapid Transit 2.10
Inner Express Bus 3.65
Outer Express Bus 5.25
Note: Discounts for seniors, persons with disabilities, and students vary based on the fare type; children 11 and younger ride free with adult.


Core CharlieTicket/Onboard Cash Fares New Fare Effective July 1, 2014
Local Bus  $2.10
Rapid Transit  2.65
Inner Express Bus  4.75
Outer Express Bus  6.80


Non-Core Fares  New Fare Effective July 1, 2014
Commuter Rail Zone 1A  $2.10
Commuter Rail Zone 1 5.75
Commuter Rail Zone 2 6.25
Commuter Rail Zone 3 7.00
Commuter Rail Zone 4 7.50
Commuter Rail Zone 5 8.50
Commuter Rail Zone 6 9.25
Commuter Rail Zone 7 9.75
Commuter Rail Zone 8 10.50
Commuter Rail Zone 9 11.00
Commuter Rail Zone 10 11.50
Commuter Rail Interzone 1 2.75
Commuter Rail Interzone 2 3.25
Commuter Rail Interzone 3 3.50
Commuter Rail Interzone 4 3.75
Commuter Rail Interzone 5 4.25
Commuter Rail Interzone 6 4.75
Commuter Rail Interzone 7 5.25
Commuter Rail Interzone 8 5.75
Commuter Rail Interzone 9 6.25
Hingham and Hull Boats 8.50
Inner Harbor Ferries 3.25
Cross-Harbor Commuter Ferry 13.75
Logan Airport Commuter Ferry 17.00
Note: Discounts for seniors, persons with disabilities, and students vary based on the fare type; children 11 and younger ride free with adult.


Pass Type New Fare Effective July 1, 2014
Local Bus  $50.00
LinkPass  75.00
Senior/TAP LinkPass  29.00
Student 5-Day Validity, Monthly LinkPass  26.00
Student 7-Day Validity, Monthly LinkPass  26.00
1-Day LinkPass 12.00
7-Day LinkPass  19.00
Inner Express  115.00
Outer Express  168.00
Commuter Rail Zone 1A (equal to LinkPass)  75.00
Commuter Rail Zone 1 182.00
Commuter Rail Zone 2 198.00
Commuter Rail Zone 3 222.00
Commuter Rail Zone 4 239.00
Commuter Rail Zone 5 265.00
Commuter Rail Zone 6 289.00
Commuter Rail Zone 7 306.00
Commuter Rail Zone 8 330.00
Commuter Rail Zone 9 345.00
Commuter Rail Zone 10 362.00
Commuter Rail Interzone 1  86.00
Commuter Rail Interzone 2 105.00
Commuter Rail Interzone 3 114.00
Commuter Rail Interzone 4 124.00
Commuter Rail Interzone 5 141.00
Commuter Rail Interzone 6 159.00
Commuter Rail Interzone 7 175.00
Commuter Rail Interzone 8 193.00
Commuter Rail Interzone 9 211.00
Commuter Boat 275.00
Inner Harbor Ferry 75.00


 THE RIDE No Change
ADA Service Area  $3.00
Premium Service Area  5.00

FY 2015 Fare Proposal Documents  

FY 2015 Proposal Summary  PDF  Word
Informational Brochure - English  PDF  Word
Informational Brochure - Cape Verdean  PDF  
Informational Brochure - Chinese  PDF  
Informational Brochure - Haitian Creole  PDF  
Informational Brochure - Portuguese  PDF  
Informational Brochure - Spanish  PDF  
Informational Brochure - Vietnamese  PDF  
FY15 MBTA Fare Proposal Audio Recording - English  HTML  
MBTA FY15 Fare Overview Presentation to Finance and Audit Committee, March 25, 2014  PDF  
CTPS Impact Analysis of Potential MBTA Fare Changes in SFY 2015  PDF  
MBTA FY15 Fare Proposal: Summary of Public Comments PDF Word

Back-up Information on the MBTA and Transit Finance

Spreadsheet of Fare Comparisons Among MBTA Peer Transit Agencies Excel  
Section 11 Report to Legislature on MBTA Non-Fare Revenue Initiatives PDF  
Presentation on MBTA Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Request, 3/25/2014 Meeting of the MassDOT/MBTA Finance & Audit Committee PDF Word
2013 Transportation Finance Legislation - MGL, Chapter 46 HTML  
2013 Way Forward Plan for 21st Century Transportation HTML  

Title VI Program

Disparate Impact/Disproportionate Burden Policy Draft PDF   Word   
Title V HTML  
Appendix A MBTA Title VI Complaint Form in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese PDF  
Title VI Final with Maps PDF Word

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