F2 (Fore River Shipyard, Quincy to Long Wharf, Boston via Logan Airport)

F2 route runs on weekdays only. The following schedule shows all inbound and outbound service.

F2/F2H QUINCY - HULL - LOGAN - BOSTON : Weekday Effective 11/04/13

Hewitt's Cove Ferry Terminal, Depart Pemberton Point Ferry Terminal, Depart Logan Ferry Terminal, Depart Long Wharf (North), Arrive Long Wharf (North), Depart Logan Ferry Terminal, Arrive Pemberton Point Ferry Terminal, Arrive Hewitt's Cove Ferry Terminal, Arrive 
05:40 AM06:00 AM06:23 AM06:25 AM06:40 AM07:30 AM
06:40 AM07:00 AM07:23 AM07:25 AM07:40 AM08:05 AM
07:30 AM07:53 AM08:00 AM08:40 AM
08:05 AM08:28 AM08:30 AM09:05 AM
08:40 AM09:03 AM09:10 AM09:25 AM09:55 AM
09:05 AM09:28 AM10:30 AM10:45 AM11:15 AM
10:00 AM10:30 AM10:42 AM11:00 AM11:25 AM11:40 AM
11:30 AM12:03 PM12:15 PM12:45 PM
12:00 PM12:30 PM12:42 PM01:00 PM01:25 PM01:40 PM
01:00 PM01:15 PM01:38 PM02:00 PM02:30 PM
02:00 PM02:30 PM02:42 PM03:10 PM03:40 PM
03:00 PM03:33 PM03:40 PM04:05 PM04:20 PM
03:45 PM04:15 PM04:27 PM04:30 PM04:55 PM05:10 PM
04:30 PM05:00 PM05:12 PM05:30 PM06:05 PM
05:15 PM05:45 PM05:57 PM06:05 PM06:30 PM06:50 PM
06:05 PM06:28 PM06:40 PM07:05 PM07:25 PM
06:55 PM07:28 PM07:35 PM07:50 PM08:20 PM
07:30 PM08:00 PM08:12 PM08:15 PM08:40 PM08:55 PM
08:30 PM09:03 PM09:10 PM09:25 PM09:45 PM10:05 PM
09:00 PM09:33 PM09:50 PM10:05 PM10:35 PM
10:10 PM FO10:43 PM FO10:50 PM FO11:15 PM FO11:40 PM FO

F2 (Fore River Shipyard, Quincy to Long Wharf, Boston via Logan Airport)


FO - Friday Only trip: 10:10PM from Hewitt's Cove and 10:50PM from Long Wharf only run on Friday

Commuter boats operate reliably year-round. For service updates during EXTREME weather, call (781) 749-8009 Hingham; (617) 227-4321 Boston; Quincy (617) 222-6999 or use the Service Alerts.

No Charge for Bicycles; inquire of vessel crew before boarding.

The ferry is equipped with a fully-enclosed cabin, seating, rest rooms, and a snack bar.

Vessel capacities are 149 Passengers, per US Coast Guard Regulations.


There is no boat service available on:

  • New Year's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Service may operate on a revised schedule on the following days. Questions? Call (617) 222-6999:

  • Thanksgiving Eve Day
  • Christmas Eve Day
  • New Year's Eve Day

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