Winter Parking

Snow Policy

On mornings when there is accumulated snow, please make your best effort to determine your parking space number and pay the honor box or through PayByPhone. If you cannot, the Parking Operator will place a non-payment violation on your vehicle. Please follow the instructions on the back of the violation to make payment. No penalty is applied unless it is not paid within 21 calendar days.

During severe winter weather, availability at some MBTA parking lots may be reduced due to accumulated snow fall. Please plan your travel arrangements accordingly. For more information regarding the status of your parking lot after accumulated snow fall, please call your lot management company. To find contact information for your lot's management company, please visit your station page.

Winter Parking Tips

  • Please plan ahead as some parking locations may fill earlier than usual.

  • Signing up for pay-by-phone (PayByPhone) helps avoid waiting in extended payment lines.

  • Parking in fire lanes and other unauthorized areas is prohibited.

  • When entering and exiting your car, please prepare for the ground to be wet and icy. Remember to walk slowly to ensure your safety. 

Winter Towing Information

If you are parked in fire lanes and unauthorized areas, your vehicle is subject to towing. Vehicles left overnight for more than seven days may be reported to MBTA Transit Police for processing for towing. In the event that your vehicle is towed, contact MBTA Transit Police at 617-222-1212.