Charlie: Card & Ticket Info

Reduced fares for seniors and persons with disabilities

Senior/T.A.P. IDs are available to seniors (age 65+) and persons with disabilities at the MBTA's Office for Transportation Access  in downtown Boston. Adjacent to the Red and Orange Lines at Downtown Crossing Station, the CharlieCard Store is open Monday through Friday, Monday - Friday, 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.

First time applicants for the new Senior/T.A.P. ID, or applicants with expired T.A.P. ID cards, may pick up a T.A.P. application at the CharlieCard store location and new ID cards will then be issued here. For an application, click here

Use your new Senior/T.A.P. ID to purchase a monthly pass at reduced fare pass sales outlets or at any full-service, in-station fare vending machine, then tap or touch the ID to the black card target at the accessible faregates, and on-board fareboxes.

Learn more about the how to use fare vending machines to buy and store value on your Senior/T.A.P. ID or download the Senior/T.A.P. User Guide.

  • Reduced Fares for Senior/T.A.P. Customers
  • Buy a Pass at a Fare Vending Machine
  • Charlie's Frequently Asked Questions
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Got MyCharlie?

Upgrade your CharlieCard with a MyCharlie account and you'll be able to set up automatic monthly pass or stored-value purchases, and breathe easy knowing your card is protected from damage, loss or theft.