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Wonderland TOD

 The area surrounding the Wonderland Station on the MBTA's Blue line in Revere has great potential for growth. In the first part of the 20th century, amusements, restaurants, and day and nightlife entertainment thrived here. Today, parking lots dominate the area. A mixed-use development to create a new vibrant neighborhood centered around Wonderland Station is proposed. Instead of giving over the landscape to the automobile, it is focused on pedestrians and transit users first and automobiles second.

The City of Revere, the Massachusetts Office of Commonwealth Development, and the MBTA have prepared a plan to achieve this transit-oriented development. For more details on the plan, read the two project scope descriptions below.


Combined Garage/Busway Project Wonderland Station – Blue Line

Project Description


Eurovest Development, Inc, on behalf of the City of Revere, with Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) cooperation and oversight, solicited Design-Build General Contracting services for relocating the existing busway and constructing a new parking garage adjacent to Wonderland Station on the MBTA′s Blue Line in Revere, Massachusetts.  The construction contract has been awarded to Suffolk Construction Co., Inc. of Boston, MA.

The new South Parking Garage (SPG) will provide approximately 1,465 parking spaces along with additional elements designed to create a multimodal transit facility integrated with the adjacent Wonderland Station, and with future transportation and development elements.  The purpose of the Project is to consolidate parking into a single area providing safe and efficient parking capacity to optimize MBTA services and integrate them with adjacent roadway functions; the parking supply in the garage will ensure sufficient commuter parking despite the loss of existing surface parking areas that are planned for development as part of a separate project.

While the South Garage Project will facilitate this important development, it has an independent utility by ensuring that MBTA customers are provided a sufficient parking supply even as non-MBTA-controlled surface parking is eliminated.

The Project is being funded by several sources including, ARRA Stimulus Grant of $22.7 million, FTA Earmarked Section 5309 Grants of $3 million, MBTA Revenue Bonds of   $11.3 million, Commonwealth MORE Grant to Revere of$10 million, Prior Programmed Wonderland Busway of $6.5 million (FTA Grant and State Infrastructure Fund Grant), totaling to $53.5 million.

The South Parking Garage project was successfully completed and opened to the public on June 30, 2012.  The Garage is open for parking 24 hours a day. Buses have been rerouted from the Ocean Avenue location to the new dedicated Busway beneath the new garage.

The roadwork improvements and upgrades to the signalized intersections have also been completed. Local traffic will be monitored and any required modifications will be made to ensure that traffic flows are optimized.


Revere Transit Facility and Streetscape

Project Scope


Wonderland Station is currently an intermodal bus and transit station located at the end of the Blue Line in Revere, MA. The MBTA is collaborating with the City of Revere, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and a private developer to consolidate the at-grade parking around Wonderland Station and provide safer and more convenient pedestrian connections between Wonderland Station, adjacent neighborhoods, and historic Revere Beach to the east.

The project is made up of five specific program elements-The Upper Plaza, above Wonderland Station, a Central Plaza, Ocean Ave. Pedestrian Bridge, Ocean Park, and an at-grade pedestrian crossing across Revere Beach Blvd. The project will include new elevated walkways and plazas, three new stairways connecting the sidewalks on both sides of the project and the outbound platform to the elevated areas, and up to three new elevators to provide accessible connections between the sidewalks, transit station and elevated plazas and walkways.

At the middle of October, 2012, significant progress has been made towards the completion of the project:
Pavers are being installed on the Upper and Lower Plaza structures. Tis work should be complete within the next two to three weeks. The stairways at each end of the plaza are awaiting the installation of granite treads and railings. The plantings for the upper and lower plazas, and along the west monumental stairs, will be installed soon. All that will remain at that point are the railings and lighting.

The park at the beach end of the bridge is also well underway: the retaining walls and plaza paving have been completed, and the planting is being installed. The seeding will be completed by the end of this month.

The three elevators that will serve the plazas are also advancing: the glass curtain wall around the elevator towers is being installed - one tower is nearly complete, the others will be finished in the next two weeks. Installation of the elevators will begin in late October.

The most noticeable progress is the cable stayed pedestrian bridge: the bridge is well along towards completion, with the pylons and girders installed and the cables installed as well. Final tensioning on the cables will be completed in the next week, then installation of the concrete deck walking surface will be done. Once that is completed, Ocean Avenue will be re-opened to traffic. The final work will be installation of the railings and the lighting that will illuminate the pylons.

The project is aiming to be substantially complete by the end of this year; touch-up work on various items will continue into the first month of 2013.

The project has selected, and is working closely with the following Design Build Team:

Suffolk Construction Company, Inc
65 Allerton Street
Boston, MA 02119
Chris Walenten, Project Manager


 For our Blue Line passengers – Blue Line service will operate as scheduled. Bus stops will remain where they are currently located and pedestrian access along both the north and south side of Club Lido will not change.   

Thanks you for your patience as the new Wonderland Parking Garage is constructed.  If you have any questions or concerns about this next phase of operations, please call directly to Suffolk Construction at the Wonderland Construction Hot Line - 781-286-6593.


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