Executive Order 530

On April 6th of 2011, Gov. Deval Patrick signed Executive Order 530. This is a Commonwealth wide effort to examine and offer suggestions to improve/reform Community, Social Service and Paratransit transportation. The Order established a Commission of 16 members.  The Governor’s office, through their outreach to State agencies and their partners, along with consulting industry leaders in various transportation areas, suggested names of people across the Commonwealth who possess the expertise listed in the Order for the Governor’s review.  The Commission is co-chaired by both Secretary Davey of MassDOT and Secretary Bigby of EOHHS. Staffs from the MBTA, MassDOT, and EOHHS are providing all necessary support and assistance to the Commission.

As people’s transportation needs change, so do their expectations of their public transportation system.  As a result, the demand for services keeps growing, costs continue to rise and resources remain limited. The goal of the Commission is to develop detailed recommendations for reform and maximize efficiencies in the provision of these critical services utilized by persons with disabilities, persons with low incomes, persons with Limited English Proficiency, and seniors and visitors to the Commonwealth.

Six listening sessions were held throughout the state to allow for the general public to speak to Commission members regarding their experiences regarding community, social service and paratransit transportation. Please see the link below for the flyer listing dates and times when these sessions were held.

Requests for documentation in alternative formats can be made by calling the Massachussetts Department of Transportation, Planning Office at 1-617-973-7313.


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